Successful Excavation season and News

After the unintentional break in 2020, excavations took place again in Tuna el-Gebel in autumn 2021.

Some of the tomb houses excavated by Sami Gabra as well as their associated parts of buildings with wall paintings, photographically documented by Bernd Harald Krause in the 1980s and early 1990s, are now digitally available as datasets:

We are very grateful for funds from the German Foreign Office through it´s Cultural Preservation Programme. This enabled us to conserve one of the tomb houses, whose roof was restored by Sami Gabra in the1930ies, but actually was almost collapsing. Mohamed Fattouh Sayed and Hisham Elsheikh, conservator-restorers from the Egyptian Museum Cairo, worked together with the German conservator-restorer Heike Pfund to secure the wall paintings before the architectural intervention. The reconstruction of the new roof was planned and realized by the architect Katharina Westphalen and Egyptian carpenters.

On October 1st, 2019, we started our third season of excavation at Tuna el-Gebel. Cleaning the western area of GB 72, a large building of adobe bricks, we discovered not only a stone building, but also a so far untouched room! Inside the stone tomb we found a large quantity of pottery, like amphorae, cooking pots, flasks, oil lamps... According to our ceramologist Clementina Caputo they all belong to the Late Antiquity and formed a storage for a community.